Adventure Recreation’s class program is designed for children who wish to explore the sport of gymnastics, who wish to eventually compete in it, who wish to use the skills acquired in dance, or use their strength for football, basketball or other sports, or who simply want to participate because it is fun!

Our class programs are separated into two sections our Adventure Room classes designed for our smallest of athletes 0 – 4 years, and our general entrance for ages 4 and above.  Classes are on a monthly billing cycle with your commitment being month-to-month. Additionally, because Adventure Recreation understands how busy our families’ lives are, we are pleased to offer unlimited rescheduled classes for students.

Our Adventure Room classes focus on the development of fine and gross motor skills, playground readiness, social skills, and gymnastics skills.

Athletes 4 and older are placed into classes based on skill and gender. Complete skill sheets and guidelines for moving up are located in the office or by talking with your coach.  We have a wide variety of classes based on skill that will meet any athletes need from beginning through advanced and continued through competitive team.

Example Class Structure

  • 2 -3 minute warm-up (Running around the large floor, jumping on trampoline or doing stationary jumps)
  • 5 – 8 minute stretch (flexibility is important not only to prevent injury but also to help achieve skills
  • 20 minute 1st rotation (working at one of the 4 apparatus for girls – or 6 for boys)
  • 20 minute 2nd rotation (working at one of the 4 apparatus for girls – or 6 for boys)
  • 5 – 10 minutes on strength and something fun!

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