Preschool Classes

Go Ninja Kourse Preschool Classes

Our Go Ninja Kourse Classes are movement based that enhance the mind body connection! Classed provide basic locomotor and non-locomotor patterns and combinations that elevate a child’s active, physical, social and cognitive expression. Classes incorporate obstacle courses that practice speed, coordination, agility and balance. In addition to obstacle courses, athletes will gain more strength and knowledge of vaulting, swinging, jumps, wall tricks all with a foundation of gymnastics.

Parent & Me, Crawling – 3yrs

The Parent & Me class is a 30-minute class and involves both the child and their parent/caregiver. Athletes are taught cognitive skills such as color recognition and following the leader, staying with the class, as well as locomotor skills, playground skills, and modified gymnastics skills such as shoelace handstands and carpet hoppers.

Toddler- Boys & Girls ages 3 – 4 

Toddler’s is a 45 minute structured class for 3-4 year olds. This class is highly interactive and combines gymnastics and obstacle training. The coach will help direct them through the flow, and develop skills such as, rolls, cartwheels, swings, grip strength and more.

Junior- Boys & Girls ages 4 – 5 

Junior’s is a 60-minute class.  This program is designed for younger students who have had prior experience or are adept at following directions and paying attention.

Class Pricing

Parent & Me

30 Min class & 30 Min Free Play

1 Day a week

No Registration Fee!


45 Min class

1 Day a week

No Registration Fee!


60 Min class 

1 Day a week

No Registration Fee!

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